SFF Cowboy Coin

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Designed by Sarah Puerner with input from the whole SFF team, our "Cowboy" challenge coin tells the story of K2.

Black nickel was chosen to represent the "black goo" or petroleum products that were present in the soil.

Our name and tagline appear on the front - our tagline: "Keeping the Promise" refers to the promise made to Mike West by our founders as well as the promise that Abraham Lincoln made to veterans in his Second Inaugural Address.

The black band represents those we have lost.

On the front of the coin is the SFF Shield; our logo has a great deal of symbolism.

  • The shield itself represents both defense and protection - of our veterans and their families.

  • The dagger is is a symbol of protection, sacrifice, and bravery - but it is also representative of Task Force Dagger - the initial combat operation that was initiated out of K2 (these were the Horse Soldiers from the movie 12 Strong.

  • The tan background represents the neutrality that the organization must maintain to fight for our veterans. It is also one of the many colors associated with the high desert where much of the Afghan and Iraq wars were fought.

  • The red represents sacrifice and courage.

On the back:

The name "Camp Stronghold Freedom" the official name given to Karshi-Khanabad Airbase, Uzbekistan.

"Strength and Honor" is the motto of many special forces units, including Task Force Dagger - and was the motto of the base.

The map shows Uzbekistan in red with K2 marked, and Afghanistan marked below it.

The C-130 represents the Airlift, Rescue, Talon, and Gunship squadrons that were at K2. The Blackhawk and Chinook helicopters represent the other air assets deployed to the base.

The eagle was a common symbol of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The cowboy is reminiscent of the movie Dr. Strangelove - as Major Kong rides the ICBM down to the ground.


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